Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're Home! (AGAIN!)

The boy is still doing great. He's pretty perfect, actually. However, an infection landed me back in the hospital for the past 4 days. John took me to the ER on Mother's Day morning, and I have been there ever since. I guess I missed the hospital food. I promise I have now had my fill of hospital food, and the infection is responding well to the antibiotics.

I do feel like I need a Mother's Day redo. I didn't even hold my baby all day on Mother's Day. That's just not right. Mother's Day has not been what I expected the last 2 years! Last year, I was flying home to Texas from Pennsylvania with John after his emergency surgery. See those posts here and here. Maybe as a family we should just skip Mother's Day all together! I am very thankful for my mom who always swoops in to save the day, even on Mother's Day.
Noah has officially spent the night away from us already. My mom kept him for us the first night. I think Hope was 2 years old before we let her spend the night anywhere! After the first night, he was allowed to stay with us in the room 24/7, which was nice. Hope was allowed to visit, but she spent the nights with my sister or my mom. So, another huge thank you to my sweet sister and mom for taking care of things, like they always do. I know Hope loved all the extra attention. I do think that she is glad that we are all back home together tonight. I know her Mommy is glad.

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