Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lesson Learned

At around 3:45 this afternoon, I realized that I had been holding Noah since about 11:30. Seriously, I had not gotten up to go to the bathroom, get a drink, anything. Why, you ask...because he likes to be held. He is a really good, doesn't fuss kind of long as you hold him. I blame this on our second trip to the hospital when he was allowed to stay in my room. We held him 24 hours a day for 4 days. He even slept in the bed with me. It has started to occur to me that this might soon be a problem. Like when I go babck to work in a couple of weeks. And like when John goes back to work. So, at 3:45, I put him down. In his swing. He quickly started crying. I had to call my sister so she could help me be strong while I let him cry. (John and Hope were at the pool.) I let him cry for 5 minutes, changed his diaper, swaddled him up, and put him back in the swing. He fell asleep! All on his own. I know that I should know better than to have not let this baby cry at all for the last 3.5 weeks. I like my mom's theory that I just felt so bad for so long that holding him was all I could do. That theory works for a while, but now that I am better, it doesn't hold up as well!
We bought John a new car this week. Another Accord. Got to love the Hondas. They are tinting the windows for him right now though, and they have given him a really geeky hatchback car. I won't say the model in case someone out there drives the same car! I will say it is a new model car but still probably the ugliest car I have ever been in. I just get in the car and laugh.
Here are some random pics from yesterday. The first I just thought was funny that they were both making silly faces.

And one quick Hope story:

I am borrowing a baby sling from Andrea. It is called a Peanut Shell. I was folding it yesterday and Hope asked what it was. I told her it was a Peanut Shell. No more questions, she just went to Noah's room and started looking through Noah's books. I walk back there a few minutes later and she is looking at the Mother Goose book. She has it opened to Peter Peter Pumkin Eater. She says, "Mommy, is this a Peanut Shell?" Pointing to the Pumpkin Shell where he kept her very well. I just love the way her little mind works.

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