Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Noah's First Real Outing

Noah is officially 3 weeks old! I am feeling a lot better, and we were all ready for a fun outing. We headed to the zoo for a little while today! It was a fun time, until Noah had the poopy diaper to end all poopy diapers. I mean caked on poop all the way to his ankles! What in the world?! We had to leave the zoo with him down to his diaper! We hosed him down, found a clean outfit and then took him to meet our friends on staff at our church. We ended the night with supper at my sister's. It was a fun day and it felt good to be back in the real world. Hopefully we can do some more fun things this week before Daddy goes back to work next week. I have NO idea how I am going to hold down the fort alone here when he goes back. I am saying prayers now. It has been soo nice having him around 24/7 since Noah's birth.

Tomorrow is Hope's first dance recital! I will try to get pictures up so you can all see our little "Lemon Drop!" Cross your fingers that she will cooperate!

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