Thursday, March 06, 2008

Someone sent me this survey today, so in an effort to avoid doing any more house work today, I thought I would fill it out and post it here.

20 Years Ago:
I was 2 days away from being 8! I was in the second grade in Jonesboro. My best friends were Lynley and Stephanie. I loved gymnastics. I played the violin (but not well!) Mrs. Stringer was my teacher. I couldn't wait to grow up!

15 Years Ago:
Yuck! Almost 13. Is there anything harder? I went to Mabelvale Jr. High. I was a "Competicheer Rebel!" I was fired up about going to Space Camp! I went to Clinton's inauguration in D.C. I was a nerd for sure. No doubt.

10 Years Ago:
Almost 18. I was a Senior at Fair High School. I drove a white Dodge Avenger. I spent my time cheering, working at my dad's restaurant (until he fired me...seriously), coaching the Junior Prep squad at Cheer Central, playing with my baby niece, and with my friends.

5 Years Ago:
John and I had been married for 8 months. We lived in a tiny apartment on the Arkansas River. We soon moved to a town house. I was Clay's Nanny and I worked at the church. We traded in the Avenger for a green Honda Accord.

3 Years Ago:
Hope was about 3 months old. She was such a fussy baby, and I felt like a terrible mom. She cried non stop in the car everywhere we went, and I wanted to pull my hair out. Thankfully, things got much better soon after this point!

1 Year Ago:
We were living in Texas (did that really happen?) John was traveling all the time, I was working full time an hour away from our house, Hope was 2 years old, I was going through fertility treatments, I missed my family... not the best of times!

So Far This Year:
We are back in Hog Country! Baby # 2 is about 8 or 9 weeks away. I love my job, Hope loves her school, we are back near my family, John is working a lot closer to home. Things are very good!

I passed out fliers for a consignment sale coming up to earn a pass to shop early. I had lunch with my mom, Hope and I just hung out for the evening. It was nice.

I have done lots of laundry, but not as much cleaning as I had planned! I keep finding the recliner too hard to resist! I am praying John makes it home safely in the snow!

Planning on a fun snow day! They are saying 4-8 inches of snow! The weather here is crazy!

This Year I Hope To:
Get Noah here safely, handle life with 2 kids calmly (so not me), be a good mommy, pay off some debt! Fun Fun!

I am tagging all of you with blogs! Michele, April, Julie, Kerum, Laura...It's your time to avoid cleaning your house, and post this on your blog!

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