Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt 2008

Hope was very excited about our church Easter Egg Hunt. She ran off 3 times before it actually began, putting eggs in her basket as fast as she could before her mommy or daddy could catch her. (Where does she get her lack of patience from?)

Then, after you get 10 eggs, you are supposed to stop, wait for everyone to get 10, then go find more. Hope quickly found her 10 eggs, her daddy told her we had to stop, and she started crying saying, "But my basket is not full!" She has some issues! We were able to find a few more when everyone else had found 10, and then she was way excited about seeing what was in them, so there were no more tears!

And, just for you, another giant belly shot. That will be the last you see of that!

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