Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Afternoon

We have some fun Easter traditions in our family. We have an annual get together at my sister's house. We always have good food, fun stuff for the kids, and some fun competitions for everyone.
We have an annual Easter Egg decorating contest. This is the most serious of competetitions. We have a kids division and an adult division. Everyone decorates a blown out egg, names it, and enters it. John takes this competition very seriously! He was up all night perfecting his egg. My egg this year was by far the easiest I have ever done, so I was not "egg-specting" it to win.

John's egg this year was "Eggbert Einstein" complete with a chalkboard that said "e=mc2."

Mine was Egg-specting a Miracle" in honor of the baby boy. Not my best work, but I was thinking surely I would get some "Awwww votes" Not so. this is way to serious for that!

Sadly, I only have pictures of our eggs. John came in second, and I came in 3rd. Betty was the big winner with her "John Deere Treggtor" that was pulling jelly beans. Some honorable mentions were Egg-stentions, Pegglegg Pete, Egg Head, Deviled Egg, Eggstreme sports...(sorry if I left out your egg) Riley and Julia tied in the children's catergory for Egg Salad and Egguana!
We also have a money Easter Egg Hunt that adults can participate in too. We all bring our change and fill up eggs. This year, we decided to leave it to the kiddos and let them get all the money eggs. Hope was so busy hunting eggs, she couldn't take time to pull her pants up!

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