Saturday, March 29, 2008

A last Hoorah in North West Arkansas

Hope and I went to visit John this week in NWA. He was there working on a project, and Hope has been dying to go on a trip to go swimming in Daddy's "Holytel." We swam and swam and swam. I didn't take any pictures...I just decided to enjoy the moments instead of worrying about taking pictures. She had a blast and we enjoyed swimming with daddy in the evenings, but it was a really special time for Hope and I during our morning swim when it was just the two of us. Between her being 3 and my current moods, I feel like I just fuss at her all of the time. It was nice to just have fun with her with out fussing at her all the time. It was a great last trip before our world changes in the next few weeks!

We also got to spend time with one of my best friends, Kelly and her husband Brandon. Hope took to Kelly really quickly and had LOTS to tell her. Come see us soon Kelly and Brandon (and Chloe!)

We all met up with one of John's good friends Adam and his wife Cyndi for dinner one night. Cyndi has been feeding John home cooked meals when he has been in town for work. I know he is grateful for the good food, I just hope he doesn't start expecting it at home! ha! Thanks for feeding him Cyndi! And for letting him build his ego by showing you all his skills on Guitar Hero!

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