Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Morning

Hope was excited to see that the Easter Bunny had left treats in her basket Easter Morning. We really hadn't talked much about the Easter Bunny, so we had to give her the run down right before she went to bed the night before. John's parents came and stayed the night Saturday, but somehow we didn't get any pictures of them. I was not feeling well, so I will blame it on that. They did get to see her get her Easter treats and Hope loved having them here when she woke up.

The Easter Bunny brought hope her first ever box of Peeps. Mommy is completely disgusted by them, but Hope really enjoyed the special treat. She also got a green swimsuit she has had her eye on at Target. She says it has a tutu.

And, just so that no one says the belly has not been documented fairly, consider it done. I actually consented to a picture after church.

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Michele said...

Tell Hope that I will be happy to provide her with Peeps. They make them for just about every holiday now. They are my favorite!