Sunday, February 17, 2008

He has a name!

The baby boy's name is officially Noah. He has a middle name, too, but you will have to wait until after he is born to find that out!

John sent me an email last week at work that he had been up the night before thinking about the name, and had decided that it was definitely Noah. He said I could sleep now knowing that he had a name. Good thing I like the name too!

And, I shouldn't have said anything about the dang Glucose test. I failed. Yuck. I have to take the 4 hour test tomorrow.


Michele said...

I love that name, too. I may have to make an impromtu trip to LR to see him after he is born. I STILL have Hope's birthday/Christmas presents that I may have to deliver in person. I need an address for you!

Oh, and you are still the best best friend in the world!

Kerum said...

I love the name!!! Can't wait to see him and find out his middle name!!! One hard part down....