Sunday, February 17, 2008


For Valentine's Day, my dad bought all his girls tickets to see the musical Annie on Valentine's Day. So, my mom, sister, nieces, Hope and I went to the show. It was so much fun. Hope was so good and watched almost all of the show without a peep. Not suprisingly, her favorite song was "You're never fully dressed without a smile." She danced so silly in her chair and gave the song a big applause at the end. For all the other songs, she gave this polite little ladylike clap, but for that song, it was big applause! When we got in the car, it was about 10:15, and she said "can I go back to watch Annie again?" I think she liked it! Thank you, Papa Paul!

Oh, and I have to add a note to Julia here, who I know counts how many times her pictures are on this blog compared to her picture of you by yourself was blurry! We will have to take another one soon!

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