Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting ready for Noah

Now that I am about 30 weeks, we have started to get things ready for the baby boy. John and I went to Babies R Us and Target Friday to register. We also bought this swing on Friday. (Hope's was recalled, so we didn't have one.)

Now, we are trying to save up for this stroller, or one like it. I want a "Sit 'n Stand" type stoller, that will allow Hope to either, you guessed it....Sit or Stand behind the baby. I have struggled with this decision because Hope still rides really well in a stroller. But, since we don't know how long that will last, this seems like the most reasonable choice. I like the "Joovy" brand one alot, but I have recently seen some other brands that I like too...

We also got a suprise box of goodies from Aunt April and Uncle Paul this week. It has Christmas presents for Hope, and some suprises for Noah, too. Including a "Wee Wee Blocker" for protection during diaper changes! I had a good laugh. We love the super hero themed one she picked...It says "Wee Wee Man!"

We found this changing table at a consignment store, and we dressed it up with some baskets and a new changing pad. It will go well with his Frog and Turtle Room.

And Noah is starting quite a clothing collection. We are very lucky to be able to have Zeb's clothes from when he was a baby.

There is definitely still work to be done! His room is still filled with boxes from the move (it became the catch all room for things we didn't have a place for.) My mom is working on his bedding (It is brown, green and blue.) But, we are definitely making progress! I do have gestational diabetes, but it is apparently a common thing, and everything else looks great. I can say he is a very strong boy with quite a kick!

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Kerum said...

All the new baby much fun!!! I can tell you the sit n stand stroller is awesome...Hope will love being able to sit or stand!

I really have to laugh at the Wee Wee funny is that!?! I saw that a year ago and laughed then too!