Friday, September 23, 2011

Noah Red 3 years 5 months

I have been wanting to stop and do a little update on my little friends. I decided to start with Noah. Why? Because he's my favorite. :) Just kidding, they're all my favorites. Right? Right.

  • Noah still has a healthy fear of doctors. In fact, we are having to switch pediatricians because of it. Really. Hopefully we can find someone who understands Noah a little better.
  • Noah loves to eat! Except not! He has become our bird. He grazes here and there, but rarely sits down and finishes a meal. I'm sure it will pass.
  • Noah had his first dentist visit last week. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. But, he was awesome! I was so proud. We went to Target to get the Riddler!
  • He gets into full superhero mode. This is so funny to me. He still introduces himself as batman most of the time. He gives everyone superhero names. Batman is still his #1, but he's opening up to some others now too.
  • The other day I was teasing about daddy being in big trouble for something silly. Noah said, "No Mommy, he's not a bad guy!"
  • He took his first boys only trip to visit John's dad for his birthday this month. I think they had a special time. When John got back in the car from pumping gas, Noah told him, "I so proud of you for getting gas!"
  • He says he's proud of us for a lot of things. I hope this is a sign that we say this enough to him that he knows how proud we are of him.
  • He's about 95% potty trained. That little 5% is honestly killing me.
  • He seems to be doing well at school. I don't think he talks much there. His teacher told me how proud she was of him for using his words the other day. Ummm. We hear a lot of them here! Glad he's getting comfortable enough there to communicate.
  • Every morning before school, I have to pretend to be a barber in order to fix his hair. My pretend barber's name is Mr. Gruff. It is seriously the only way he will let me comb his hair. Oh well. Whatever it takes.
  • Have I mentioned he likes Batman? Because really, that's pretty much our world.
  • When he does eat, he's a pretty healthy little dude. Fruit and yogurt are his favorites. and candy of course. Trying to cut back on the candy.
  • He keeps us on our toes guessing his night time routine. He likes to switch it up. It is currently that he needs about 15 minutes watching batman or potty videos on our iphones. And then he rolls over and goes to sleep without a fight. I always love not fighting.
  • He is so very jealous. I am his and only his. He does not want Emmy to be anywhere near me. Or even look at me. Much less me hold her. This causes lots of drama in our house.
  • I started reading a parenting book about strong willed children. I'm not sharing the name just yet, because I'm pretty sure I don't want opinions. I haven't formed my own opinions yet. But, I will tell you that in the first chapter I called John in the room about 4 times to read him another paragraph that described our son to a T. I hate the strong willed child label. But, it's possible it fits.
  • Noah can stay on the same task for a long long time. Unlike Hope, who likes to play everything, everywhere. Noah plays in the batcave for probably an hour a day. Playdough, 30-45 minutes. Cars, 30 minutes or so. If I divided that time up for his sister, it would be totally different. In fact, I don't think I could. Because she would end up doing 87 things at once. I love the focus. I need it myself.
  • Noah remains the most loving child ever. He is never too busy for hugs, kisses, or a "nuggle". If I lay down, he just wants to lay beside me.
  • Noah Red loves to be outside. Texas has been insanely hot this summer, but he has enjoyed the few cooling days we are having now. He is putting his sand table to good use again.
  • He is awesome.
  • At night John and I find ourselves telling stories about the funny things he says. He's just at that age where the things that come out of his mouth are hilarious.
  • I tell John this (and I think it hurts his feelings) that I don't think anyone in my life will ever love me as much as Noah loves me. It's just such a strong bond, I can't describe it.
  • Thank you God for Noah Red!

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Kerum said...

Love this post!!! I think Noah and Colten would have a blast with each least until the 3 and 2 year old attitudes kick in and they start fighting. LOL Although, they might surprise us. :-) Oh, and that 5% is driving me insane too. It's amazing how I'll think we finally have it all and haven't had an accident in some time and one day he has nothing BUT accidents. Good luck with it...and know that there's someone experiencing it too. :-) You're not alone.