Tuesday, September 06, 2011

1st Day. 3 Year Old Preschool!

Noah has missed school! He misses his Mesha, his friends, his not being with me every second...
Really.I am not just saying this. Noah needs school. And he is loving every second of his new school two days a week! On day 1, we of course had to take a picture with our new gear!
 And, he had to show the camera just how his awesome new batman water bottle works!
 He had an awesome first day. Other than the fact that he didn't use the potty for the whole 5 hours he was there! Nope. He held it. We are having some issues with pottying away from home...

On his second day, he sat on the stairs and told me he was ready to take his picture! Noah does not exactly love having his picture made, so I am loving this! On day 2... he did go potty!
 Day 3... you guessed it! Another photo op! His report from day3 says he listened much better :) Oh, my strong willed child. I have to wonder what this means of your behavior the first 2 days! I came to get him and he was quietly playing with what he tells us repeatedly is his favorite toy there... the pirate ship!
 Sister could not be left out!

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