Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dolphin Cruise!

One of the things we always say we are going to do at the beach, but never actually do, is take a dolpin cruise! We finally did it. We chartered two boats (is that the right word, chartered?) one evening and had so much fun! This boat had Aa Aa (Andrea), Rosalie, Zeb, Mama Bee, PawPaw and Riley Kaye
Our boat held me, mom, Hope, Jenn, Julia, and Clara.

Apparently dolphins love big cruise ships, so we looked all around this big dude. That little boat behind the giant ship? Yes, that would be Andrea's boat. We were a bit scared for them!
So, no dolphins there. Actually, I think we all got anxious that we weren't going to see any. And the driver and the other guy (no idea what they are called...) were nervous too.

Mom and I saw some dolphins! Mom even got a picture, but the dudes kept moving away from the dolphins. Finally, we asked if they saw them, and they didn't! I took Mom's camera to the helper dude, and I believe his exact words were "D@#*! She got a d@#* picture and everythang!" So, they turned around! We saw soooo many! And they were so close! It was amazing!
Riley was so so excited!
These swam right in front of Andrea's boat!
The coolest thing to me was watching how synchronized they could be! Going in and out of the water together, jumping, etc. So amazing!

Our dolphin crew! We couldn't quit talking about how awesome it was! I'm so glad we finally did this! I can't wait till the babies are bigger so we can take them too!

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