Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day. First Grade

 Hope started First Grade today! She is growing so fast. Remember last year? Last year, I picked out what I thought to be the perfect outfit, perfect back pack, etc. This year, it's all her. Choosing her backpack was torture! She had 3 picked out and just couldn't decide! Then, we found this sparkle backpack, and the girl was sold! Ha! She definitely has a thing for all things sparkle. Her outfit? Not what I would have chosen, but, I let it go. She is so happy. And it's not horrible. And it matches. :) I never in a million years would have guessed she would pick white leather keds, but, they have jewels on the laces, and she thought they were perfect. She definitely has her own style. And the child loves shopping as much as her Mommy. Always has!

And look who she sits across from! Cooper! Cooper and his family moved here from Little Rock the same week we did last year. I am so happy they are in class together!

Hope's teacher's name is Mrs. Rocas. But, she will be out the first week or two of school recovering from surgery. We were thrilled to hear Mrs. Neumann would be her sub! Mrs. Neumann is also our neighbor, and she and Hope have a sweet bond. I know it helped Hope having her there for her first day.
And, you know I have to take a look back. This is Hope's first day of Kindergarten. Ahhh. Sweet girl!

Hope Louise, I am so proud of you! I know First Grade is going to be great!

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Jen said...

She so so completely adorable.