Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach, Take 3

I can't tell you how much I did not want to post these pictures. But, here it goes. But, I at least get to give some background. I had the worst migraine ever. I had just gotten both babies asleep and I was sleeping as well. I was woken up suddenly and told I had to go down the beach to do our group pictures because Wes had to leave to go home. So, I frantically get the babes stuff together for our Razorback pictures. Then I couldn't find my Razorback shirt. So, I ended up in one of Johns. Lovely. Plus, the sun on the beach at 3:00 with a migraine? Not a good look for Jill. Sorry folks.

 And don't forget, I had to wake up Noah. This is never good. He was not happy at all. In case you couldn't tell.
 The girls. Really. I should have sat out people.

 I think this is adorable. Yesterday was their 42nd anniversary! That's a long time!
 The original Hoovers. Notice the brothers are pestering. THE STORY OF MY LIFE, PEOPLE.
 I love her. And her swimsuit. ;)

 Hope spent about a month total this summer with the cousins. During this time, one certain niece, RILEY, taught her some "Toddlers in Tiaras" moves. Help.
Nope. Still not done people. It was a long trip. More to come.

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Walker Family said...

I had to zoom the picture to see you. John looks like a giant. Ha!