Sunday, August 14, 2011

Beach Take 2... CAKE!

So, the next day, we all gathered in the kitchen for CAKE!
Batman was there too...
I was a little sad we didn't have a Diane made cake... Walmart had to do...
We were at the beach though. So, I think it was an alright trade.
I love first birthdays. I ordered these plates weeks before we left. Love.

 A little help from Big Sister
 She figured it out...

 This picture makes me very happy!

 She got just a bit carried away...
 Look at her arms!
 So. Who's gonna help me get out of here? No takers?

John sort of rinsed her off in the sink, and then I ran her up to our tub. The bath water turned completely pink! It was very Pinkalicious of her. Hope approved! And no, it was not easy to get that icing out of her hair. Or her ears!

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