Monday, July 04, 2011

Emmy's 1st 4th

Happy 4th of July from our littlest firecrackers!

I feel like these pictures tell a little story. Here is how it goes in my head:
Mommy: Guys, smile for Mommy.
Noah: You want me to take a picture with her? No way!
Emmy: You want me to take a picture with him? No way!
 Mommy: Say cheese!
Noah: No
Emmy: Ok! I love you Mommy! That's such a great idea! You have the best ideas, Mommy. You are the best! I'm your favorite, right?
 Mommy: Noah, I will give you a sucker if you smile!
Emmy: Are you serious?
 Mommy: Noah, give Emmy a hug, please!
Noah: Okay Mommy! Whatever you say! I love Emmy! I LOVE SUCKERS!
Emmy: Whatever.

My favorite one came from my phone, of course. Here is the instagram version:

I was reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy missing my big firecracker, Hope. She is still at Mimi's living it up. I am happy that they are creating special memories, but I am missing her bad now!

We spent the day with the Walkers today! I didn't get many pictures, but we had fun. Noah and Logan and Sophie played hard. It's funny how they all want the exact same toy at the exact same time! :) Thanks to April and Paul for letting us hang with them and the great lunch!

Logan likes you to take his picture, and then he wants to see it. Here he is coming at me to see the picture, before I could even take the picture!
 Much better. And then he had to come check it out, of course.
 The girls were so sweet playing together in the kitchen. And then I took this picture, and Sophie ran off. Not a fan of the camera like big brother is!
Happy 4th of July everyone!

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