Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Year Ago

One year ago, I sat in my hospital room waiting on to hear from Dr. Hutchinson. Once he got my lab results he was going to let us know if we could head home, or if he would induce labor. We got the call around 8:30pm that said let's have a baby tomorrow! John and I made a list of what we needed, called and texted everyone that needed to know, and John headed out to get our stuff. I kept calling him to talk to him while he was out. I was so excited to meet this baby. They gave me some sleeping medicine because I had not slept through the night in weeks. I so wanted to stay up and just chat with John about Emmy. As I fell asleep, I thought about some of these questions: Who would she look like? Would she be blonde like Hope was, or dark headed like Noah when he was born? What if they were wrong and she was a boy? (I decided we would name him John Henry and call him Hank, you know, gotta be prepared!) A new nurse came in and asked me if she was my first. She asked about her nursery. I was sad to say she had no nursery because we were moving to Texas in 3 weeks! Such a crazy time. Such a special baby.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like having your 1st Birthday on the Beach! LOVE you Baby Emmy Love!
Love, Ninny