Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Noah has a very active imagination. He transforms himself into many different characters. For almost the past year, he has been a Wiggle. He would pick out his shirt based on which wiggle he wanted to be that day. He will say, "I want that red shirt. I'm Murray. I need to play my guitar." He gets into it. Then, a few months ago, he also started being a fireman. Fireman Sam of course. He's always ready to save the day. Then, in the last few weeks he has become Batman. He and John have been watching some old school Batman. Like 1960's, awful, corny, Batman. He now says literally probably 50 times a day, "I'm Batman." To anyone who will listen, really. My favorite is when he yells, "To the Bat Cave!" and runs off.
He has some Superman pajamas that we got at Six Flags last year when we came down for John's interview. He thinks they are cool and all, but now when he puts them on, he sulks just a bit and says, "I wanna be Batman." I have looked for batman pjs, but, he is too specific. He has to have a cape, like the superman ones. He was so excited to find this shirt at Walmart this week. But, immediately asked "but where's my cape? I need a cape." We looked at eBay for costumes the other day, thinking we could surely snag a cheap one since it's not Halloween time. He loved looking at them, and knew exactly which one he wanted. The one with the muscles. He woke up the next morning and said, "Wheres my Batman costume? I need my cape" Ha! Oh, and he calls his sidekick Robin, "Robin Hood!" Love him!

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Jessica said...

Aww what a precious batman. Him and jack would have so much fun, he had his batman mask on today!