Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A big deal

Warning. If you don't want to hear about potty training, don't read this!

Noah has not been the easiest child to potty train. To say the least. I have been promising him for months that as soon as he poos in the potty we will go to Chuck E Cheese. Well, I'm happy to say, that happened this evening for the first time. And what do you think he said right away? "We go to Chuck E Cheese! Come on mom. Let's go. I gotta get my shoes." It was of course not perfect timing. John was not around, Emmy was asleep, I was in my pajamas... You get the picture. But, I knew I had to make good on my promise! I am so glad I did. I got to spend some one on one time with Noah, and our sweet friends, Courtney and Jeff, let baby sister hang out with them while we were out. They are awesome. I am so very thankful for them! Noah was so proud of himself. He kept reminding me what he did on the potty to earn this special time, and he kept telling me that he loved me. Melts my heart. And before he went to sleep, he told me thank you for the dinosaur from Chuck E Cheese (one of his prizes.) I told him I was so proud of him. And then he said he was proud of me, too. He can be so stinkin sweet. Sometimes.


tallgirl said...

Ahhh. That is so sweet.

Kerum said...

Yay Noah!!! Now, just keep up the good work! :-)

Jessica said...

Good job Noah.