Sunday, June 26, 2011


What? I have a blog? Who knew? I just about gave it up. I'm not even going to try to catch up right now, so here is where we are right this minute.
Today my sister and mom and niece Julia left to go back to Little Rock. This was the first time Julia's schedule has allowed her to come see us! She is a talented, busy girl, and we are so proud of her! Here are some pics from dinner at Joe's Crab Shack last night.

When they left, they took something of mine with them. My Hope. For 11 days! Hope will be gone from McKinney most of July! Crazy! She has said since we moved to Texas that she wanted to spend 2 weeks in Arkansas in the summer, and her wish is coming true. In total, she will spend more than 2 weeks there when it's all said and done. And some time at the beach!

After she left, John cut Noah's hair. Off. Why would we do this to our baby? Because he screams his head off when we take him to get his hair cut. So, until Noah gets out of this lovely stage, Daddy is his barber.
 And then we went to the Beach Pool! We spend A LOT of time here! It felt so weird to only have 2 kids there with us! Emmy slept on my chest while I sat in this chair under the trees. It was perfect.
Tomorrow, I have Emmy signed up for childcare at our church, so Noah and I are spending the day together. We are going to see the new Cars movie. He was so excited about our date when he went to bed. He was super sweet. John said if he could capture those sweet moments and replay them over and over, he would.

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Karen Cleveland said...

glad you guys got to have a fun day together...sometimes you need moments like that to remember why you love being a mommy so much!! we leave tomorrow evening for our trip! Yay!!