Sunday, May 08, 2011

Fireman Sam and Mother's Day

Uncle Sam has been visiting us this weekend. My kids always love to see Uncle Sam, but I think he and Noah really bonded this weekend. Noah's favorite show right now is "Fireman Sam." It's on Netflix, and he loooooves it. John might have mentioned to Sam about the show, because when they picked up Sam from the airport Thursday, Sam sang the theme song for Noah! From then on, Noah called Sam "Fireman Sam" all weekend. Never just Sam. It was always, "Come on Fireman Sam." "Let's go Fireman Sam." "Where's Fireman Sam?" And Uncle Sam brought Noah some fireman tools, making him the coolest Uncle Fireman Sam ever.
So, Uncle Sam was here for Mother's Day. We are pretty sure he has been with us for another Mother's Day as well. We went to the Fort Worth Zoo for the day. It was a beautiful, hot day, and clearly we were not the only ones who thought it would be a good idea. It was pretty crowded. We have never taken Noah or Emmy to the Ft. Worth Zoo, which seems crazy as much time as we used to spend there when we lived here before. Now we live about an hour from the zoo, so it is just a trek we haven't set out on since moving back. It was fun to see Hope back there and think about her being Noah's age when we were there last. There was a hippo that scared her so bad when she was 2, and she still remembers what happened. I am happy to report she is over her fear of hippos now and went right over and watched them with her daddy.

Noah. Noah, Noah, Noah. He is a runner. I would like to give him the freedom of walking beside us, but he runs away every time. I can't get through to him that it's not ok to run away. We kept putting him back in his stroller when he ran away, but he never got it, because when he would get down again, he was gone. And repeat.

Here's Noah looking up to Fireman Sam

Uncle Fireman Sam with the bigs.
 My big girl.
 Oh, Noah.
 Emmy's first Carousel ride!

 Ummm. A skunk in front of Red's doghouse? Fitting for Noah Red.
 Some alligator humor.
 My baby girl. With 2 teeth!!!
 The Men.
 Trying to get a decent pic with my 3 babies on Mother's Day. Unsuccessful.

I brought the girls home while the boys took Sam to the airport. Hope made me dinner. Wheaties! Sweet girl. She offered to make me ham and cheese roll ups, cereal, or a nutella sandwich. It was a tough choice! :)


Brian and Kerum said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jill! Sounds like a fabulous day! Don't feel least you have a picture with you and your three on Mother's Day! I didn't even attempt it...I didn't want to ruin the mood around this house! :-)

Sam said...

Firemansam is brave to the core. He is the hero next door.