Tuesday, March 29, 2011

She did it!

Ear piercing is kind of a touchy subject, right? And everyone has an opinion of when to do it. I understand why some people choose to have their babies' ears pierced, and even why some make their daughters wait till 13, or 18, or whatever. As parents, you just have to make your own rule about this. Our rule? You have to be old enough to understand that it hurts and you want to do it any way! Ha! I just didn't want to take her in there and her have no idea what was going on while two people put holes in her body. So, we have talked about it from time to time, but she had no interest in voluntarily signing up for pain. Well, something happened to change her mind, and she was ready! We have talked about it for several week, with us reminding her that it does hurt, and also how much responsibility it is to take care of them for 6 weeks and yada yada. She never backed down. I was 6 years old as well when I had mine pierced, so I am liking that. We had planned on doing it during spring break, but brother got sick, and it just didn't happen. So, Saturday, we went to the Grapevine Mills mall to do it! Of course my baby picked the most sparkly pair. Pink flowers. She just took it like a champ. Never flinched, never shed a tear, she really is crazy brave (she hasn't cried over having a shot in YEARS.) She is so good (too good?) at reminding me to clean them, and to wash my hands before I do, and she also will not touch them without washing her own hands first. I am pretty proud at how big she has been about it. It was no problem at all to get her out of bed Monday morning. She was ready to show her friends the fabulousness!


Brian and Kerum said...

Way to go, Hope!!! You look beautiful and the earrings look pretty good too! :-) We miss you guys...hope to be able to see you when we make it to Little Rock in June.

Yesterday, Austin was able to pick a prize from the prize box at school and he picked a bracelet that had the word "Hope" on it. We were driving to a meeting last night when he said, "This is my friend, Hope's, name! When do we get to see her again???"

Anonymous said...

yeah for hope. tell her i was 18 when i got mine done and i was scared. she is WAY braver than i was.

Anonymous said...

My, such a big, beautiful girl. I'd love to see ya'll the next time you are in LR. love you--yaya