Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring break!

We have been enjoying Hope's Spring Break this week! My sweet friends Deni and Shauna (and the precious Baby Palmer!) came to see us last weekend in Texas. It was so fun to catch up with some of my favorite people. The kids and I loaded up in Shauna's van and rode back to Arkansas with them. Which was very brave of Shauna and Deni to allow us to do, because they know how awful my kids are in the car! We all survived!

Monday we went to the CDC where Noah was reunited with the wonderful Meesha, his old teacher. He ran to her and hugged her for a solid 5 minutes! He even made her cry! She said we will need to make custody arrangements before we leave. ;) When he hugged her so tight I felt like he was wanting to tell her, "Oh Meesha, no one else understands me!" They have a very special bond. He has spent lots of time with her this week, which has been a much appreciated break for the mommy.

This week, I have tried to let Hope do some of the things I always say no to. Like jumping on the the trampoline/ bungee things at the mall, Build a Bear, eating where she picks, etc. She has enjoyed every second.

Hope had a project this weekend where she had to take a penguin (Paul the Penguin) with her on Spring Break and write about his adventures. We decided we needed to take Paul to the new Penguin exhibit at the Little Rock Zoo! I will upload those pics soon. It was a fun day!

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