Friday, October 02, 2009


Hope has a new passion in life. And it's not soccer. It's her soccer coach, Matt. She loves him oh so much. She is the only girl on the team, and she is using this to her advantage. She hugs Matt after every play. He will then pick her up and place her on the field where she should go. When we were getting Team Pictures made yesterday, Hope said to Matt, "Can we get a picture of just me and you? You could hold me!" So, I took these with my phone for her.
We are going to a Brian Kinder Concert later, and Hope said "Mom, do you know what coach I want to sit by at the concert?" Me: "Umm, Matt P.?" Hope:"Uhhhhhh-Huh!" They have already made the arrangements to sit together. I think the love is mutual.
One day I asked her, "Do you love Matt P?" She said, "No, he loves me."


Brian and Kerum said...

Ohhhh....Austin is going to be heartbroken! LOL. Ok, not really, but eventually when they get married, he's gonna have some questions about this Matt guy! :-)

Brandy said...

Too cute!