Monday, October 12, 2009


The funniest thing has happened this week. Noah has fallen in love with Elmo. We watch a little Sesame Street around here, but not a lot. I was in Target with Noah last week, not even looking at the Elmo toys when Noah shouts, "Elmo!" I didn't even know he could say it! He had spotted this little Elmo friend.

We stood there for several minutes playing and laughing with Elmo. I resisted the temptation to buy Elmo on the spot, which was very difficult! I repeated my mantra to myself... "I want to go to Disney World more than I want this _______" (Insert Elmo here.)

So over the weekend, we dug out a few Elmo toys we had around the house, a see and say, and a phone. He carried them everywhere. He said Elmo hundreds of times over the weekend. No. Joke.

I remembered that we had an Elmo costume. Why? Here's a long story... I used to sell Elmo costumes on Ebay. Seriously. I would buy Elmo costumes on Ebay all throughout the year for cheap. Then, about 2 weeks before Halloween, I would list them. It was genius. I made a lot of money. But now, costume companies have wised up and produced more. There is much less Halloween craziness to find a last minute Elmo costume. Anyway, I still had one left in size 9 months, which is way too small, but still. (I have a cookie monster just like this too if you are interested!) I went and found it, and we put it on Noah as fast as we could without him seeing what we were doing. We put the hood on his head and took him to the mirror. He was soooo excited! He kept patting his head and saying "Elmo!" John tried to take the hood off after a while, and he freaked out!

And, if you are wondering if there is sibling rivalry going on here, umm, yes. Hope can not stand for me to take a picture of just Noah. And Noah did not want Hope taking a picture with him! So it begins...

Yes, she is completely blocking me from taking his picture on purpose.

Noah has been a little under the weather the last couple of days. He stayed home today, and will have to stay home tomorrow as well. After a trip to the doctor, I had to go to Target for diapers and Motrin. We had to go visit the Elmo isle, and those sad, sick baby eyes won. We came home with this.

It was worth every single penny. He looooves it so much.

Hoping to see more smiles like this tomorrow, and less sad, sick baby eyes.


tallgirl said...

Poor Bug. I hope he feels better soon.

peanut also blocks her brother or says "Take a Picture of ME". I just tell her I don't like her as much. NOT REALLY.

Daddy said...

I love my little buddy like my little buddy loves his Elmo. I just want to squeeze him!!!

Sarah Roberts said...

those are just some happy happy eyes! It is Love.

Side note... I have also become addicted to eBay... YUM

Julie said...

Aw, he is so excited! I love it! Hope he feels 100% again soon1