Sunday, August 02, 2009

Trip to NWA and Branson

Last week was hard. A lot happened. More to come on that. Anyway, I so needed to get away. So, we went to visit John at his apartment he stays in when he is working on his project in NWA. I also only took 2 pictures with my real camera, so this post includes only pictures taken with my handy dandy iphone.
I headed up with the kids on Wednesday, and met John for dinner. When I loaded all these pictures, I found this one that Hope must have snapped when we had just pulled in the parking lot. Sneaky kid.

The next morning, we just hung out and watched cartoons on the projection whatever. The kids loved it. What Noah does not love is when sister tries to pick him up... which is all.the.time.

Feeding Noah without a highchair for several days...interesting. Here is a trail of his breakfast that he left on the floor.

For lunch we headed to the Promenade. Noah had his first carousel ride. (Ok, I think it was his first. I could be wrong here.)

Then, I let Hope make a Build-A-Bear. I don't let her do this often, so it really is a very special treat. She was thrilled. The result was a pink tie dyed bear named... Fuz Girl. Creative, heh?
After John was done working, we went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner.
Ok, so the next day, I got up, packed our stuff, and then woke everyone up and said, lets go to Silver Dollar City. We were less than two hours away, we have season passes, seemed like a good idea. And it would have been perfect... if my kids did well on car rides. They do not. We did have a great time while we were there. We hit all our favorite spots.

Noah absolutely remembered the ball area from last time. It was so funny to watch him get so excited when we walked in! Noah is my "Tinkerer." He likes to figure things out. He really just sat back and studied all the different contraptions for a while!

Hope and daddy on the butterfly.

Hard to tell what's really going on here, but Noah is on his first real ride! He didn't know what to think, but grinned really big when it was over. If the line wasn't so blasted long, I would have taken him again.
Hope loves the fast pirate ships
This is what Noah did all day. It is the sign language sign for more. More what? you may ask...
More frozen lemonade. He is a junkie. He comes by it honestly, right Mimi? He would get a bite and start signing more as soon as you took the straw out of his mouth. It was crazy.

Hope made Goop in the Kid Concoctions Barn. I will have to post the recipe on here. It was really easy to make and she has played with it every day since.


And, what would a trip to Silver Dollar City be without putting your kids in the jail to take a picture?

All in all, good little trip. It has taken me several days for my ears to stop ringing from the screaming in the car all the way home from NWA on Saturday, but now that it has stopped, I can look back and say it was good!


Kerum said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a great trip up...but I wish we could have hung out! Maybe next time! Oh, and we totally have to go camping...the campsites are pretty nice and our kids had a blast!

tallgirl said...

Peanut wants to pick up babyP all the time too. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. She also likes to drag him off of things and try to kill him. oh... sistly love.

Tara said...

you are right, our boys really do look alike :)
both of your kids sure are adorable!