Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hope's New School

Bring on the changes! We began our whirlwind of change on Monday when Hope started her new school.

She's a senior! Here she is with Ms. Suzanne, one of her new teachers. I love love love that she has Suzanne, because, well, I love love love Suzanne. And I have for the longest time. She will be a perfect fit for Hope's needs this year.

OK, so at the new school, they don't allow sandals or crocs. That is all Hope has worn all summer, so we had to go get new shoes for the new school. I have taken great pride in the fact that Hope has never had real tennis shoes before. No really, she has had a pair of white leather mary jane Keds in every size since she started walking. I don't know why, I just don't like big clunky Nike shoes on my precious little girl. So, other than her baseball cleats, I have never bought Nikes, or any other tennis shoe for that matter. Well, I gave in, and we passed on the keds. I just let her pick whatever new shoes she wanted. It was a tough choice between these two, so , well, we got both. She is oh so proud.

*Edited to say, she has had one pink pair of Stride Rite tennis shoes! I forgot about those!
I have been told those don't count though.
Apparently you have to buy them from an athletic store to be real tennis shoes.
Glad we cleared that up.

Here she is modeling her new backpack the night before school started.

And the following picture made me laugh out loud when I uploaded pictures...
can you see why?

Look at that crazy boy of mine! He was so stinkin proud of himself for sitting in Hope's babydoll stroller. I love this!


tallgirl said...

don't forget to send your back to school pictures

We bought Peanut tennis shoes this year too. She has had one other pair, but I love tennis shoes on her. She isn't too into how sporty they look being a princess and all, but whatever!

Jen said...

Man, they really are adorable.

Kerum said...

Yay Hope!!! LOVE the tennis shoes. Of course, Austin just wears crocs all the time too, but we do have ONE pair of tennis shoes that he had to have for childcare in Hawaii. Need to look into what he is allowed to wear to his school. Never thought about it!

LOVE Noah in the stroller. He's just so darn cute!