Sunday, August 16, 2009

Noah Red is Off!

I am a little late in documenting this, but finally, at the age of 15.5 months, Noah Red has decided that he can indeed walk! He is such a funny little guy. He took his first steps on Father's Day, but he is just so cautious, he has just taken his time to really go for it. My sister kept Noah one afternoon, and he apparently didn't like crawling on hardwood floors, so he just decided to walk. And he has been doing it since! Noah, my arms and hips thank you. Your poor little calloused knees thank you as well!


Jen said...

Lindley took a really long time to get around to walking full time. So did Madeline for that matter. It's so nice when they are finally up off the floor. I prefer not knowing exactly how dirty my floors are, and when they're crawling, the evidence is all over their knees!

Julie said...

Um, I was a good 18-months old when I started walking. Yep. Ancient! :) And I turned out just fine...right? ;)

ddawnfuller said...

Hooray for Noah!!