Friday, June 12, 2009

Swim Lessons

Hope is taking swimming lessons every day this week and next. She was so super excited about taking them. The first day she had a blast, but every day they push her a little more, and if you know Hope, she resists the push! Today (Friday) is diving board day. Mommy knows that it is not going to be pretty. Wish us luck! These pictures were from Monday!

Cousin Clara is taking too! We learned early on that Clara was way too advanced for this group! The first thing they asked them to do was to walk across the pool. Clara dove (yes, dove!) into the pool and swam strokes, face down, across the pool. She didn't want to leave her cousins (Zeb is there too!) and get moved up to the group she belongs in, so she has stuck around with them! She is such big stuff.


Jen said...

Oh, so fun! Where are Hope's lessons?

Daddy said...

Be brave my little swimming sensation.