Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She jumped!

Ok, well, the first time she was pushed, but the second and third times, she jumped!

Friday was "Diving Board Day" at swim lessons. The kids wear their life jackets, and "get" to jump off the low dive 3 times. Hope said from day one she was NOT doing this. Do you have any idea how stubborn she is? Really, she is sooo stubborn (she totally gets that from John, right? :)) So, when she said she wasn't going to do it, I really had no doubt, she wasn't going to voluntarily jump. I did know ahead of time that going off the diving board is not an option. If you don't jump, they push. Mimi offered up a little incentive for her to jump... a Barbie. It definitely helped! She came up grinning after the initial push! Then she had very little hesitation going the second or third time. So proud!

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tallgirl said...

that is great! I am so proud of her.