Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mommy tip of the week: Go to the zoo the day BEFORE free zoo day

When I heard that Saturday was going to be free zoo day at the zoo, one thought entered my mind: You could not pay me to go to free zoo day. We have been down that path once before. When Matt Jones came to free zoo day a couple of years ago. John played basketball with Matt Jones back in high school, and he thought it would be fun to go say hi. Fun, it was not. We stood in line for.ev.er. Just to get into the zoo. You know, the zoo that we have passes to anyway. And once you tell your kids you are going to the zoo, well, you have to go to the zoo. Then the line to actually see Matt Jones was as long as the one to get into the zoo, and there was not any way in this world I was going to stand in it. John did get to say hi to Matt as Matt was passing by in a golf cart and he stopped it just to talk to him. If only we had had some time to pass on some friendly "just say no" advice to him. Errr. We won't get into that here. Other than I will say..oh, never mind. I like Matt Jones.

Anyway, enough bird walking. I said no to free zoo day (where 27,000 people came...seriously), but yes to Friday zoo day. The day before and the zoo was all spiffied up for the big day. Just me and the babies. Noah was sick for several days and Friday he seemed much better. So off we went. Hope always loves the zoo. She took her "Noculars" to be able to see things from very far away. Noah just bebopped along in the stroller most of the time.

Noah's first train ride, I think...

I noticed he started sinking, acting like he didn't feel well. And so began the stomach bug. He had 2 blow out diapers while we were there. Then we came home and he began vomitfest '09. Not fun. Also not fun was when Hope got the bug Sunday night during the night. John was able to stay home with her, thankfully. He does handle vomit much better than I do. The saddest part of her being sick was that she was so upset because she threw up on her beloved Ooh Ooh Monkey. Thankfully, he has been washed and has forgiven her.


tallgirl said...

how did he get sick? That isn't fair because you can't even blame it on daycare.

Kerum said...

The zoo looked like fun!

You guys just can't catch a break, can you!?!? I hope the sickies stay away for a while...they've stuck around too long for your family!