Saturday, March 07, 2009

I am totally getting stressed about not getting all these pictures on the blog. I am a procrastinator anyway, and as we have discussed, I am not a finisher. I don't want to not get these pictures up just because my laptop is down, so here is a random assortment of the latest pics.

Biker Chick

A Determined Biker Chick

Asleep in Noah's Bouncy Seat with Ooh Ooh


My new favorite thing... "Baby Legs" They are like leg warmers for babies. Noah's knees are so red and raw from crawling everywhere, I thought these might help. John hates them. Oh well. They are just for him to wear around the house anyway. I love the little roll of fat on his thigh that hangs out! :-)

Another fabulous find...a $6 dress from Wal-Mart. Hope wants to wear dresses to school every day, and I am ok with her getting paint on a $6 dress.
My sick boy.

These are old...before tubes, but I never posted them.

My mom has started a trend for Hope. She made her a little braid in her hair one day and Hope Looooved it. Now she wants a braid all the time. She asked for two one day and so I did this. She looked in the mirror and said "I look like a MOOSE!"
My new favorite picture. Hope was playing outside when John came home from a trip. He ran outside to suprise her and scooped her up. I love how she puts her hands on his face like she is making sure it is really him. She does love her daddy.


tallgirl said...

Those are really good. You are very talented with the camera.

I love baby legs. I put them on babyp legs during the winter when we went outside to bridge the gap between his legs and shoes. I bought them for him before he was born because i loved them so much with peanut. We have one with skulls and one with argyle.

HT said...

I am happy to see Hope wearing her cycling helmet. We can't have her falling off and hitting her head without a helmet on like I did:)