Saturday, November 01, 2008

Six Months Old...And so so sweet

So, my precious boy is 6 months old. How is that possible? He absolutely oozes sweetness. I absolutely take back everything I ever said about only wanting girls. Noah is good stuff. I'm tellin ya.

Here are our obligatory pictures of Noah with the Bear and the Baby (named pretend Noah.) If you are new here, I take a picture of Noah every month with these two items to see how much he's grown. I also post a monthly picture of Noah and the Bear along the right hand side of our blog so you can get a quick glance of how he's grown. It's pretty fun. But, if you think I thought of this all by myself, you'd be wrong. I borrowed the idea from (here.)

I have to tell you though, these pictures are getting harder and harder to get. He kicks the blanket all out of whack (not to mention he is getting too long!) and he doesn't like to lay straight. He was really interested in his feet today. I got a lot of pictures like these:
Oh, I could seriously eat him up. At six months, he has obviously found his feet. He is close to sitting up. He still enjoys time in his swing, exersaucer, and bouncy seat. He especially likes to hang out in his seat in the bathroom while I get ready in the mornings. Not sure why, but it buys me about 20 minutes to grab a shower and dry my hair. He has started to get upset when I walk away from him. This is pretty new. I am afraid his teachers at school are going to start not liking my midday visits with him if he gets upset when I leave. I have been known to take him to Mimi's office and let her do the dirty work when he gets upset when I leave. Ahhh, have I mentioned how nice it is to know that Mimi can check on him during the day and call and tell me if he needs his mommy. It's very nice.

He will have an upper GI Tuesday morning at 7:45. Please say a prayer for my sweet boy. He will be "lightly sedated." Yikes. We are hoping to put an end to the Mommy vs. Noah battle for good. Hopefully this will lead us to answers regarding the across the room projectile vomit. I also saw a specialist for my reoccurring mastitis on Friday which went really well. I am on strong antibiotics right now, and go back in 3 weeks for an ultrasound. I was sick again this week (actually the sickest I have been since I was in the hospital...I'm still not 100%), and my sister went all Mama Bear on my OB doctor and somehow managed to get me in to see an overbooked specialist the next day. I do have a very good big sister. Anyway, we are hoping to resolve both mine and Noah's issues soon so we can go back to normal chaos. Sick chaos hasn't been fun for any of us.

So, back to the boy.

Because he would NOT leave his feet alone, and because it is his newest trick, I took a ton of pictures of his new skill. I know this is a lot of pictures, but again people, it's my blog.

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tallgirl said...

Happy Birthday Sweet boy.