Monday, November 10, 2008

Reveal Yourself, you McCain fan, you!

Ok, so someone thinks it is really funny to put a McCain Palin sticker on my car. And they think it is funny to write "Nobama '08" on my dirty car. Funny joke people. I am thinking the person(s) responsible probably read my blog to know that I am in fact an Obama supporter. Not that it matters now, we should all be Obama supporters. Someone also wrote Nobama as a comment on the blog, and you might think it is the same person, but I don't think so. The comment on the computer appears to have come from California (and I deleted it. Happy thoughts folks) , and I doubt anyone would come from California to write Nobama on my car and stick a McCain sticker on the back of my car. I have it pretty narrowed down. And I am pretty sure you are related to me, you McCain fan you. I am even pretty sure you are my brother. Which brother, I have yet to determine. Kind of like the whole "Who cut up the recliner" argument from when we were little. We know it is either Vince or Ross, but who, well, we may never know.

And this, really is a typical Hope get up. Praise the Lord shirt, pink scarf, yellow pj pants. She chose to complete the ensemble with what else? A Santa hat and Easter Bunny ears of course!

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Anonymous said...

have you ever thought, maybe it was both of them?? ;)