Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear Mr. Pizza Delivery Man

Dear Mr. Pizza Delivery Man (if that is in fact your REAL name),
Please do not get mad at me when you show up and I hand you my credit card. Your boss called just moments before you arrived (30 minutes late) and asked that I give it to you. You see, there was some kind of "technical error" on your stores part, and they didn't get my card info. I don't know why I couldn't just give it to them over the phone again, so please don't ask me why I didn't. I am just doing as I was told. Do not ask me to give you cash. I don't have any. I wish you hadn't asked me to give you a check. But, you did. One less thing for you to do, right? Please, let me put down my baby, move my 4 year old out of the way, close and lock the door (you were kinda creepin me out) push the dog into the bedroom, dig through the junk drawer for an old check book (because mine was still in my car) and write you a check. And, whatever you do, when I come back to the door with the said check (you know, the one that I had to go get so you didn't have to walk back to your car to get the form to fill out) with baby back in tow and tell me that you also need my drivers license. Because, I can promise you, I am not going back through all those steps, plus going out to my car where said drivers license is just to show it to you. I do appreciate it when you then told me I could just write down the number, and if I had my drivers license number memorized then I just might have written those actual numbers down as opposed to the series of fake numbers I wrote on the check instead. Sorry. Don't you hate "technical errors?"

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tallgirl said...

OMG that is so funny. I am glad you gave them incorrect numbers. ugh.... and all you wanted was some stupid pizza!