Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's good to be the runt

I have to laugh when I look around Noah's classroom. He is the oldest baby in the room, but you would never guess it. He is kind of a runt. Being the runt has it's benefits though! Baby P passed on his PJ's to Noah! They are so cute! Thanks Baby P's Mommy!
How great are Hand Me Downs? I was always the runt. Always. I don't know if Stephanie Bond still reads this blog or not, but I always got her hand me downs. Speaking of Stephanie, why is it that I have an awesome memory when it comes to things that happened in my childhood, but college through now, is all kind of foggy? And no partying in college jokes, you've got the wrong girl. Seriously, I can remember crazy things, like most of my friends birthdays. Stephanie was May 11, Lynley is June 25 (so is Gina's) Harriette is March 7, I could seriously name about 12 more. But, I can't remember where I put my keys 2 hours ago. And I can't remember one of my roomates name in college. Seriously. Or my cheerleading partner's name at the U of A. I think it was Josh, but his last name, nope. Is there something wrong with me?!
Rambling, sorry, imagine that.
Here is another Hope get up. She put on pjs, then decided she wanted to wear a gown, but thought it was too cold for a gown so she put it on over it. She added the accessories to dance to Taylor $wift on the CMA's. Yes, that's a tutu on her head. She said it would mess up her gown if she put it on her belly, so what's a girl to do? Put it on your head.


tallgirl said...

I am glad they are working for you. I remember nothing from high school and college is a bit of a blur. My memory starts about when I graduated. I remember that last summer pretty clearly but not much before then.

Hope cracks me up. She seems so vibrant.

Laurie said...

I was always the runt too, but I LOVED it. Totally milked the "cute" thing until I was like 12, but still looked like an 8 year old.
And, WOW, I can't even remember my family member's birthdays. Seriously. And we called Travis' mom in October to wish her a happy birthday, only to be told, "thanks sweeties, but my birthday was this day last month." Whoops. Talk about NOT scoring points with your in-laws!!