Sunday, May 01, 2011

My Noah Red is THREE!

3 years ago, my life was changed when I met this baby boy. This boy has my heart. I know I have said it before, I love all my kids equally, but differently. I can't describe my relationship with Noah. I guess it's true what they say about Mommys and their boys.
 Noah, at 3 years old, you want so badly to be independent. You want to do what Hope does, you want to put your shoes on by yourself, you want to get in the car by yourself, and you want to get out on your own terms, you want "My do it." But, Noah, at the same time, you are so very dependent! You need your mommy, you want to be held and snuggled, you don't want daddy to go to work, you want "Mommy do it." It is a tough road to walk right now. And sometimes I feel like I am walking on eggshells around you!
 You love fiercely, my boy. Once someone makes it into your circle, you make them feel so special. I am so happy to be in the circle. You love your daddy, a lot too, and it's been fun to see your relationship grow with him lately. I know the two of you will soon be inseparable, so I'm happy to still be in the circle. You hug like no other. You mean it when you hug. It might be my favorite thing.
 Your sisters love you. I think you love them :) You do, you just don't want them to touch anything. Not your toys, not their toys, not your food, not their food, not each other, and certainly not your mommy. Ahhh, brings back memories of my siblings. "He's touching me!" is what Papa Paul says I used to say all the time. You, however say, "She's doing that." Which could be multiple offenses.
 You love to run! You are your happiest when you are on the loose! If you understood minded when I asked you to come back, I would let you run free a lot more. Right now, though, you run away! And I mean run! Uncle Wes says you look like a cartoon character when you run. Your upper body is still, but your legs are moving so fast they are a blurrrr!
 You love music! You have several guitars, drums, etc, and I am convinced you wouldn't mind if we got rid of every other toy you own besides those and your beloved Wiggles toys. And maybe a train or two.
 You are silly! You crack us up. You make up songs, you make up knock knock jokes (ok, knock knock joke), make funny faces, and you have the best laugh I have ever heard. It makes my heart smile.
 You are sneaky! You go wherever you aren't supposed to. We have had to Noah proof the house. You have escaped through the front door, opening both locks. You climb in the refrigerator to reach whatever your heart desires at any given moment. You ruin makeup. You write on walls. You take trash out of the trash can. You jump on the bed. You play in the potty. You climb on tables. You take off your clothes. You use your baby sister as a drum. It definitely works in your favor that you are so cute.
You are mine. I wouldn't trade you for the world. Thank you God for Noah Red.


tallgirl said...

That brings tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday Noah Red.

Anonymous said...

Dear Noah, you are loved by sooooo many people. You will always be Mimi's buddy!

Daddy said...

Me love me some Noah Red!!!

Nicole said...

Jill, he is so darn sweet, and looks like he has quite the personality! Happy birthday Noah!