Thursday, April 21, 2011

Emmy Update

Finally! We do have an answer for what has been bothering our Emmy for so long.
And thankfully, it's a managable thing.
Emmy has Celiac Disease . I'm still learning what this means for the baby girl, but in short, it means Emmy's diet will have to be gluten free. This will be a new way of thinking for our family as we plan meals etc, but we are so very thankful that it is something so fixable. Emmy has had quite a few tests in her short life, and some for some scary scary things. So, Celiac? We can do it. She will see a specialist in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully then we will have some more answers. What I am learning is that Celiac is much more common than ever thought before. And if truth be told, I think I have it too. I will be tested soon, but either way, our family is going gluten free. If any of you have any experience with this, especially for an infant, I would love to hear! We are bread and pasta lovers, so this will be a big change to the Dyer diets :)


Karen Cleveland said...

Wow!! So glad that you have some answers and that it is not TOO major. I will be praying for sweet little Emmy and for you Jill while you try to manage all of this (and some new cooking skills too).

Brian and Kerum said...

SO glad you called last night and told me! I know you are so thankful this is "ONLY" Celiac Disease! I pray for you guys as you start getting into the details of this and figuring out the whole "gluten free" part of this. It's going to be hard and I'm sure you're going to wonder what in the world you're going to eat! But, I know you're going to do great because you and John are AWESOME parents and want Emmy to be healthy and happy!

tallgirl said...

Wow! Didn't you just take Noah off of wheat too?

Poor girl! I will email you off line.