Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I have talked to a few of my mommy friends on the phone the last few days, and we all have newborns 3 months and younger. They were surprised to hear that Emmy can still wear all her newborn clothes. She is gaining some weight (up to 9.7 at last weeks weigh in, but she is still tiny! I just put her in the next size onesie (0-3 months) and um, it still swallows her! She is sporting her other pair of newborn Babylegs as well. Love them. So, to answer the question, yes, Emmy is still in newborn clothes. She has officially outgrown everything premie. And there are a couple newborn one piece outfits that she is getting a bit too long for. But the 0-3 are just way too big! Soon, baby girl, soon!


Brian and Kerum said...

Wow!!! It just means you get to have a lot of wear out of her clothes!!!

LOVE the babylegs by the way!!! I only bought one pair of the newborn ones...probably should have cleaned them out when I got ahold of that coupon code. Oh well, Brian doesn't really like them, so I am just glad I have 4 pair!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the babylegs! They are so so cute on those tenny tiny legs!
Do you have any fall newborn clothes? I am thinking all you have is summer... You may have to change out her sesonal clothes if she doesn't kick it up a notch.
Love you all,