Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Teachers' Pet Graduation

My baby graduated Preschool earlier this month. Really?! That is just insane. I was way overly emotional about the whole thing. Working at her school allowed me to get some sneak peaks at what was going to happen, which was not a good thing. I could not be in her classroom while they were singing, "Arkansas, You Run Deep In Me" without bawling my eyes out. The kids would seriously turn and look at me to see if I was crying. Ridiculous. Teachers' Pet is a very special little school with a special place in my heart. Sending her there was a very hard decision for me, because it meant an extra transition for her, but it was no doubt where she needed to be. Suzanne Pate is one of my all time favorite people in this world, and for Hope to have her as a teacher was just as amazing and wonderful as all the hype around her. Love her so much. Here she is with my little graduate.

Hope has been friends with a lot of this guys since she was a baby. There is of course, good ol' "cousin" Zeb:

And sweet little Jenna Pie who I love just about like she is my own. I have a picture of Hope and Jenna holding hands when they were tiny babies.
Here is Hope's moment in the spotlight:

Recieving her diploma

Each child got an award. Hope won Miss Congeniality for being a friend to everyone. Makes a mommy proud!

She wanted to be a nurse when she grows up. Pray for her not to have her mommy's desire to be a nurse while not being able to handle blood and needles. It wasn't a good combination for me....

There is nothing cuter than watching 40 five year olds sing "God bless the USA!" Thanks Ms. Pam for all your hard hard work pulling off all the musical selections with 40 five year olds!!! You are the best!

And because he is so cute, here is brother playing trains at the breakfast table. Love him.


Jen said...

So sweet. I'm was glad to see Hope in Madeline's class this summer. I hope she's not to disappointed to not be with her old buddies in Miss Melissia's class. Ms. Kendra is so great, though. Love her.

Brian and Kerum said...

Such a fun program! They really are getting big, aren't they! It seems everytime I turn around, Austin has grown another inch and seems a LOT older than what I think he should be!