Monday, May 31, 2010

The "Tail" of Two Pillow Pets

Hope and I enjoyed the rare opportunity to go to the mall by ourselves Saturday. It wasn't for the best of occasions... I had to do the dreaded maternity swim suit shopping. Not good for one's self confidence. Hope was very helpful though, insisting that every single one was beautiful and that I needed them all. After that, we walked to Hallmark and found they had Pillow Pets. Let me back up to say that Hope has asked me for a Pillow Pet every single day for the last 3 months. She sings the commercial, she wants to look at them online, she drools over her friends' Pillow Pets at school. She wanted the unicorn soooo bad. I had planned on ordering one and that being her big sister gift when Emmy comes. But, seeing it in person, she was just squealing she was so excited. Then she said, "Mommy, if you buy this for me, ALL my dreams will come true!" Sold. She does know how to word things so that I cannot say no. She carried it through the rest of the mall, just so beside herself excited.

We went home and Noah was asleep, but she gladly shared her story about finding the Pillow Pet and carrying it through the mall. John asked her if she dropped it on the floor and got it dirty at the mall. She said, "Well, it's machine washable!" Clearly, she has seen the commercial too many times.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Noah woke up around six. He ate some breakfast, and then was playing in the living room quietly and watching a morning show. I went back to my room and laid down. He was back and forth between laying down with me (he loves a good snuggle!) and back to his toys. Then, he comes in with Hope's new Pillow Pet and in his deepest grumbly voice he says, "PILLOW PET?!" I wish I had it recorded because so much attitude was packed in those two words. It was like he was saying, You got HER a Pillow Pet and Not ME??? John and I both laughed so hard. I had no idea he even knew what one was. So began Noah's attachment to the purple unicorn. We got up and loaded up the car to go to Jennifer's lake condo for the day. Noah wouldn't let Hope touch the unicorn the whole way there. He held it, and bless her heart, I know it wasn't easy, but she let him. Then, every few minutes he would shoot her this look and grumble, "My Pillow Pet." Just to aggravate her. I couldn't help it, it made me laugh so hard. I had tears. I know it doesn't seem funny reading it, but coming from this sweet boy, it was cracking me up. I kept reassuring Hope that I knew it was hers and she tried her best to let it roll off her back.
Here is the only picture I took at the lake. Ooops.
So today, we were out with my mom and I told her the whole Pillow Pet drama. She said, "Well, we have to go to the mall and get him one." So, we did. We took him and let him choose between the two boyish ones they had, the dog and the panda. He could not decide. Mom put them both on the floor to see which one he picked up. He picked up both in one smooth motion. After several more minutes, I think we just ended up taking the one he was holding onto the tightest. The dog, or the "foof" (woof.)

Yes, he is pretty happy with his "foof" Pillow Pet, but he is happiest when he has both.

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Sarah Roberts said...

Gary and I are laughing out loud reading this story!!!