Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas Morning!

I love Christmas morning. I almost don't want to let them out of my room to see what Santa brought, because I know the morning is going to fly by so fast, and then it will be over.

Noah was quite pleased that Santa brought him a shopping cart. Sister is hoping that this means she can have control over her baby doll stroller once again now that brother has something different to push around the house. And look away... surely my nearly 20 month old is not carrying around his morning bottle, because that would be HORRIBLE if I was still letting him have a bottle of soy milk in the morning if he asks oh so sweetly. I would like to see you try to deny him a "baba" after you heard his sweet request.
We discovered at Disney World that Noah has mad love for drums. And he really has rhythm too! He was the most excited over the drum above all else all day long. He loves it.

He beats on the drum a few times, and then EVERY TIME, he puts the sticks way over his head. This is our cue that the song has ended and we must clap! Every time. Really, look through the flickr pictures and see how many times you see this pose.
Both kids got so many special surprises from Grandma Sharon. It made the morning extra special. We love you Grandma Sharon and miss you tons!
Hope said she could tell which ones were from Grandma Sharon because they were wrapped up real tight. I didn't tell her that I wrapped them. She was so convinced that they were different than all the others. She must have known they were special!

We have read Goldilicious 1,000 times since Christmas. She can almost read through the whole book now by herself. We had a break between our Christmas morning at home and when we needed to leave to go to Mimi's, so, Hope and I took the opportunity to try out our new Snuggies. A Snuggie snuggle, if you will.

At Mimi's, Noah was determined to climb over the mountain of gifts that were everywhere!

Mimi got Noah a super tough Tonka dump truck. He climbed right in. I know he is going to use this truck for a long long time.

Such a wonderful day to be together. The highlight of the day was telling everyone that we are expecting #3! See the next post!

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Jess said...

Your christmas looks like so much fun! Hope and Noah look so precious!! Congrats on #3!! Wish I could have been there Christmas!!!