Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pretty little Noah

I love when I have picture that I know I can use as blackmail one day. Noah loves to put everything on his head right now. He will pick up an object, look at me and wait for me to say, "Is it a hat?" Then he puts the object on his head, it usually falls to the ground, and I say, "Noooo, it's not a hat!" He was so proud when he found this dress up hat of Hope's. He showed me the hat and waited for me to ask, "Is it a hat?" He put it on his head and I said, "YES! It is a hat!" He was so stinkin proud of himself. Such a cutie. Anyway, he kept the hat on for his drum session with pots and pans. He will so not love me for taking these one day.

Give me the camera, mommy, and no one gets hurt!

Now for some random Noah/Hope/Mommy-isms!

I just love the age that Noah is at right now. He is such a repeater. My favorite word right now is "Banana." It's more like, "Bmamana." He says the word "ball" at least 1,000 times a day. Other words he says are Mama, Dada, Hope-ah, Up-pa, Hippo, bye bye, hello, hi, hi-dee (his own special greeting!), Papa Paul, Mimi, Nenny, baba (bottle), out, uh-oh, eyes, nose, diapah (diaper), bath, bed, wubby, bank bank (blanket), dog, abby, and Ri-Ri (Riley.)
When he talks, he puts his chin to his chest and tries to have a deep voice. So cute.
When he goes to school, I put him down and let him walk to class. He stops by every room, checks it out, tells everyone hi, and walks to check out the next room. He thinks he is so big. It cracks me up to see him walking down those big halls!
He is also working on perfecting his fit. He kind of spins, and then slowly falls down on the floor when he doesn't get his way. It's still cute right now, but I have a feeling it won't be for long!
One night last week, he woke up several times during the night. At one point, Hope woke up and yelled, "This is REEE-dic-a-las!" (Ridiculous!) It was the funniest thing I have ever heard at 2am!

Hope's first soccer game is tomorrow! She is on a team with all boys, so she looks quite dainty out there. She has the attention span on a gnat.
And, here's my not proud moment of the week. On Friday I was running late for my new job and the lawn guy was blocking the driveway. I grabbed the keys to John's car so I could maneuver around lawn guy's trailer better. I just edged past the trailer when I hear an awful crunch. Yep, I hit my neighbor's car that was parked in the street. My first accident ever.

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Sarah Roberts said...

Love this post...

I play soccer and Baseball on all boys teams... I LOVED it!