Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wonder Girl

This last week has given Hope a few days to be able to play outside quite a bit. Something she really loves, and needs! She is such an explorer and is so full of wonder. It is fun to see.

She wants to be able to Hula Hoop so badly, but she just can't do it. It can really frustrate her, but this day, she just kept trying and had fun doing it.

Here is the full of wonder part. She finds the littlest thing and studies it. She comes up with quite a collection when she goes outside and places all her "treasures" on her little picnic table. She liked the lines in this leaf.

Another treasure...The Holey rock. Funny to hear her describe this rock with little holes in it!

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Laurie said...

ADORABLE!! It's so neat to watch a child explore stuff outside - does so much for the imagination.