Friday, February 13, 2009

Noah is 9 Months Old!

This is becoming increasingly difficult!
This dude does not want to cooperate with the Noah + Bear + Baby monthly pictures.

We had to call in for reinforcements...

This is sadly the best we got.

Notice daddy's hands holding Mr. Squirmy's legs.
We resorted to the backup sitting up with the bear pictures. Maybe I should try these when he is asleep next time.

These pictures are very late. Noah turned 9 months old on the same day that I had my appendectomy. Better late than never, right? He hasn't been for his official 9 month check up either, but he did have an appointment for yet another ear infection this week. He was 17 pound 14 ounces with clothes on (which is more than Hope weighed at 1 year!) We got a referral to see the ENT for tubes. Woo Hoo! Bring it on! I am so tired of him being sick. He has had a constant ear infection since December. We go on the 18th for his 9 month check up, and Dr. Laura said to expect to receive a referral for physical therapy to work on the rolling from back to front. Unless he figures it out in the next 5 days! He is just not interested.

He has 4 teeth now, and not the 4 you would expect. He has the two middle ones on the bottom, and the two eye teeth (fangs!) on the top. It looks a bit odd! We are hoping to see the top middle ones soon! He loves to eat anything in sight. His favorite toys are phones and a ball toy that Ross got him for Christmas. He could stay in the bath for hours if we let him. He hates to have his diaper changed, and flips onto his tummy as soon as you lay him down. He also has an unnatural ability to claw skin as soon as he touches you. He prefers to claw necks, but will settle for arms or legs if thats all he can get. He babbles all day. He loves Baby Einstein and Praise Baby (it's like Baby Einstein but has contemporary worship songs on it.) Still not crawling, but can get up on his knees. Not pulling up yet either, but seems to be interested. He has slept through the night a couple of times this month, but for the most part is still up several times during the night. I blame the ears for most of the night wakings. Hopefully tubes will help!

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