Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clara's Tea Party

The Birthday Girl

Hope's choices of her dress and hat.

My niece Clara had the cutest party ever today. It was at a place that has fairy tale tea parties. There were nine kids. The birthday girl gets to wear a crown and pick out her dress first. Then, everyone else chooses a hat and their dress. The boys could be cowboys, princes, etc. Hope, being Hope, managed to find the gaudiest dress, most unusual hat, and for her grand introduction chose a bright green boa to top it off. She has got her own sense of style for sure! They sat down at the cutest dining room table, and put their make up on. Then they had their grand introductions. Clara was introduced as Cinderella, and Hope was introduced as Tinkerbell. They learned about proper Princess Tea Party Etiquette, like if you have a question, raise your pinkie. They poured their own tea. Hope did fine pouring her tea, until she went to pass it to Zeb, and she spilled her cup. They were allowed to put a sugar cube and some milk in their tea. They were given chocolate soup, finger sandwiches and petite fours to eat. Then, they all lined up and walked out to the street to wave to all the passing cars. Too cute. It was a lot of fun to watch, and Hope hasn't stopped talking about her day as a princess yet. I think I know where Hope's party will be next year!

I took an obscene amount of pictures! Here are just a few.... Checking herself out in the mirror (Singing "Jingle Bells")

Putting her "Lickstick" on

I'm ready for some tea!

Waiting oh so patiently. I love her little clasped hands.

Her grand introduction

How many pictures are you going to take?

Party's over...time to let loose!

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