Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hope's First Ice Cream

I know, you're thinking Hope has never had ice cream in her 3 years of life? No, she hasn't. We were told when Hope was a baby that she had a milk allergy. So, no ice cream, no real milk, limited cheese and yogurt. Every 6 months we would try milk to see if she still had a reaction, and yes, she always has. At her 3 year check up, Dr. Laura decided it was time to do the blood test to see just how allergic she was. Well, she isn't! She is apparently lactose intolerant. She has been on Lactose free milk for several weeks and has been fine. So, we went searching the internet yesterday for lactose free ice cream and found that Breyer's has started making it and we could get it at Kroger! Thank you Breyer's! So, we picked some up. Hope was so excited, but we made her wait until after dinner, which was just pure torture for a girl who has settled for popsicles every time her "ice cream addicted" daddy had some. I think you can tell from the pictures that she thoroughly enjoyed her first bowl of vanilla with chocolate syrup!


-Shane, Michele & Wolffe said...

I guess Wolffe will have to learn to share his ice cream the next time we see you all. He, too, is an ice cream addict!

Laura said...

That's adorable!

Anonymous said...

The last picture says it all!!! :)