Monday, September 17, 2007

Sick Baby

After 6 weeks of coughing, 2 trips to the doctor, several phone calls to the nurse, countless dosages of cough medicines...we found out today that Hope does indeed have pneumonia. Yuck. To make it worse, Hope has decided (after our last Dr. appointment when she was given really nasty medicine) that doesn't want to, and flat out will not take medicine of any sort. There are two exceptions. 1. Liquid Tylenol. 2. Triaminic Thin Strips that dissolve in her mouth. Everything else is a nightmare. I have to hold her down, open her mouth, squirt it in and blow on her face to get her to swallow. I am guessing maybe 1/4 of whatever I give her actually gets swallowed because the rest she just spits all over me. So...any suggestions on how to get a nearly 3 year old to take medicine she doesn't want to take? I have tried bribing and putting it in her juice and letting her do it her self. I have to get these antibiotics in her!

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